Below are videos of the Moharram 2003 program held in London. Copies of the audio and video lectures can be obtained from the Alulbayt Foundation located at 75 Brondesbury Park, Willesden, London NW6 7AX, Tel: 020 8451 3322, Fax: 020 8451 3323. The videos will soon be available on DVD video as well.

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    Moharram 2003

The existence of the Almighty Allah.. Laying the foundations of Islam

Glorifying the signs of Allah is an indication to piety of the hearts

Death; a gateway to the hereafter and a final destination in this life

Death; an inevitable reality.. Nowhere to run!

In light of the news of death, what gives believers hope?
(Prayer, a source of inspiration)

The rewards offered by Allah to those who embrace his faith.
(Islamís acknowledgment of human desires. A note about marriage)

Side effects of committing Sins; blindness in the heart creating a "chain reaction"

How to test one's love for Allah through self examination and analysis

Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil; a duty on all of mankind

Role of Ahlulbayt in preserving the religion. A special tribute to Imam Hussein followed by a detailed account of his martyrdom

Our duty towards Imam Hussein (AS)

The life of a Muslim; a life of pain and misery or happiness and prosperity

Finding the underlying causes of spiritual ailments within ourselves






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