Statement of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Taqi Almodarresi about the recent escalation in violence in Iraq:


Statement of Grand Ayatollah Sayed Mohammad Taqi Almodarresi about the recent escalation in violence in Iraq:


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"I warn all parties against sliding into a more dangerous conflict, one that can certainly be avoided if wisdom prevailed, otherwise it will be to the grave detriment of all, including the Coalition forces. 

At this juncture, the people in Iraq feel deep sense of frustration as they see little signs of security or democracy. They increasingly question whether the Coalition authorities intend indeed to hand-over sovereignty to proper representatives of the people of Iraq, or merely to hand picked personalities useful to the aims of the Coalition.

The CPA has so far failed to demonstrate to the Iraqis that the invasion of their country was indeed for the sake of their freedom, and not for oil or other strategic interests in the region, including the security of Israel.  

The Iraqi people have just come out of three hard wars and a long dark era of oppression. Using the language of threats against them is totally misguided, and wound only serve to wound an already injured pride and invite more ominous cycles of violence.  

For the sake of this country, as well as regional and international peace, I call upon all parties to desist from the logic of war, to exercise caution and better judgment at the political and tactical levels, and to refrain from inflammatory threats, so that precious lives are spared on all sides.   

In particular, the Coalition authorities are called upon to:

  • Suspend the State Interim Law, which revived old fears about the long term motives of the coalition.

  • Announce a near date for elections under international supervision, so that sovereignty is handed over to duly elected representatives of the people of Iraq.

  • Engage all principal factions active on the ground in the ongoing political process, with no exclusion or preconditions.

  • Integrate the different militias in the ranks of the national armed forces tasked with protecting the security and unity of the country. There is  a precedent for  this in Afghanistan and in the north of Iraq.

I pray to God to lead all parties to the side of wisdom , and to guide us
all along the difficult route towards a free, just and prosperous Iraq,
and only God is sought for help.

Grand Religious Leadership,
Karbala, Iraq"

Quotes from Western media

The Age, Melbourne, VIC, Australia:

A senior Shi'ite cleric warned yesterday that the standoff could deteriorate "into a war that will have terrible effects ... a war that will not be in the interest of anyone, especially coalition forces."

Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Taqi al-Modaresi, a moderate cleric, said that if US forces move to capture Sadr, it would "incite strong anger" among Iraq's majority Shi'ite majority.


Also reported by Kansas City Star, Kansas, MO, USA

Also reported by Newsday, NY, USA,0,3742578.story?coll=ny-worldnews-headlines

Also reported by Portsmouth Herald, USA




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