Read the special report on the Moharram 2003 program
 held in London, UK

Also: Listen to the Fatemyah 2003 program held in London during the annual commemoration of the martyrdom of Lady Fatimah Alzahra



  Moharram 2003

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The existence of the Almighty Allah.. Laying the foundations of Islam

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Glorifying the signs of Allah is an indication to piety of the hearts

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Death; a gateway to the hereafter and a final destination in this life

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Death; an inevitable reality.. Nowhere to run!

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In light of the news of death, what gives believers hope? (Prayer, a source of inspiration)

Audio   |    Video The rewards offered by Allah to those who embrace his faith. (Islamís acknowledgment of human desires. A note about marriage)

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Side effects of committing Sins; blindness in the heart creating a "chain reaction"

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How to test one's love for Allah through self examination and analysis

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Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil; a duty on all of mankind

Audio   |    Video Role of Ahlulbayt in preserving the religion. A special tribute to Imam Hussein followed by a detailed account of his martyrdom

Audio   |    Video Our duty towards Imam Hussein (AS)

Audio   |    Video The life of a Muslim; a life of pain and misery or happiness and prosperity

Audio   |    Video Finding the underlying causes of spiritual ailments within ourselves

Audio Finding the underlying causes of spiritual ailments within ourselves

Audio Women's Program: Fatima Al Zahra; The great role model






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